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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-11A study of factors affecting on purchasing behavior of sunscreen products in Bangkok and suburb areas.Roy Kouwenberg; Sakonpon Chanthong
2017-01-11A study of factors that affect consumer behaviors in using taxi booking applications in Bangkok.Roy Kouwenberg; Wanvisa Pratoommuang
2015-12-20A study of factors that drive consumers to purchase the private label brands of 7-eleven in Thailand.Roy Kouwenberg; Kunnitee Jiratumtanakul
2017-11-20A study of factors that influence consumers to skip or not skip ads on youtube.Roy Kouwenberg; Duangsmorn Kampeera
2017-01-10A study of how the cinema business survive when facing a storm of streaming movie channels.Roy Kouwenberg; Tawanchay Chairat
2017-01-11A study of motivation and attitude among Thai people generation Y toward learning Chinese language and the factors affecting selecting behavior of language institutes in the Chiangmai area.Roy Kouwenberg; Jarununt Wiwattanasan
2019-10-10A study of people's motivation to participate in mini marathons in Thailand.Roy Kouwenberg; Supaporn Promnoi
2020-09-21A study of the influencing factors in travel decision of Thai senior tourists for outbound tourism.Roy Kouwenberg; Wannapa Pureemahawong
2017-01-10Academic staff motivation at technological Universities in Myanmar.Roy Kouwenberg; Pann Ei Phyu
2016-01-14Assessment of e-commerce awareness and readiness toward veteran's handicraft products development at veterans general hospital.Roy Kouwenberg; Panya Yossomsak
2020-09-22Benefits and threats of hemp legalization for the agricultural sector in Thailand.Roy Kouwenberg; Arisa Chitsena
2020-03-02Cat litter products in Thailand: A consumer survey and experimental test of product performance.Roy Kouwenberg; Ekkarat Meephumru
2016-11-16Consumer behavior and decision marking toward full-service airlines.Roy Kouwenberg; Busakon Wongwarangkhana
2019-11-26Consumer behavior on private pre-school selection in China.Roy Kouwenberg; XIAOMENG LI
2017-01-10Consumer behavior towards coworking space business.Roy Kouwenberg; Sasithorn Suttiraksiri
2015-12-20Consumer behavior towards Thai electronics products: The case of light bulbs.Roy Kouwenberg; Arthij Asavachinda
2021-03-03Consumer perceptions toward single-use plastic and biodegradable straws in Bangkok.Roy Kouwenberg; Pattharachai Ongthongkam
2015-12-20Difference between Thai and American electro dance music consumer behavior.Roy Kouwenberg; Permpoon Dhirasasna
2016-10-27Discounted cash flow valuation of Bangkok Dusit medical services public company limited.Roy Kouwenberg; Metpiya Siriwisate