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eperson.contributor.advisorPeter De Maeyer-
dc.contributor.authorKesara Supornsinchai-
dc.identifierTP EM.054 2014-
dc.description.abstractThe research presents the finding of factors affecting usage intention towards mobile banking service in Bangkok, Thailand. The main purpose is to understand underlying motivations and barriers regarding the adoption by consumers of mobile banking. The research methods used are quantitative research in the form of a self-administered online survey (N=80), and qualitative research in the form of 20 in-depth consumer interviews. All 100 respondents are aware of mobile banking service. The main motivations for users are Perceived Cheapness, Perceived Trust, Perceived Convenience and Perceived Ease of Use. Meanwhile, Perceived Cheapness and Tradition are the significant factors for non-users. Even non-users have a positive attitude towards the service, but they still hesitate to adopt because of distrust and the difficulty of applying for the service. Suggestions for banks and other related business sectors are discussed in the conclusion. KEY WORDS: Mobile banking/ Bangkok/ usage intention-
dc.subjectEntrepreneurship Management-
dc.subjectMobile banking-
dc.subjectUasge intention-
dc.titleFactors affecting uasge intention towards mobile banking service.-
dc.typeThematic Paper-
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