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eperson.contributor.advisorVichita Ractham-
dc.contributor.authorTannanya Udompokanan-
dc.identifierTP GM.002 2015-
dc.description.abstractConflict of interest has been a major problem for shareholders all around the world. With this concern, Corporate Governance is created to protect investors, especially minority investors from expropriation from the management team or controlling shareholders (La Porta R. , Lopez-de-Silanes, Shleifer, & Vishny, 2000). The purpose of this research is to study the influence of Corporate Governance on Thai investors for their stock investment. To achieve the purpose, qualitative research approach was chosen by personal interviews people with different background, random age and investment behavior. It was revealed that short-term investors roughly know and concern about Corporate Governances as compared to medium-term and long-term investors. In general, the study revealed that there is scarcely an impact of Corporate Governance towards Thai investors for stock investment. Although Thai investors know Corporate Governance and its promising benefits, Corporate Governance is considered as a supporting factor for stock investment for medium-term and long-term investors.-
dc.subjectGeneral Management-
dc.subjectCorporate governance-
dc.subjectStock investment-
dc.titleInfluences of corporate governance on Thai investors for stock investment.-
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