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eperson.contributor.advisorRoy Kouwenberg-
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dc.identifierTP GM.009 2016-
dc.description.abstractThis research is aimed to find the impact of the streaming service on the cinema business and provide the suggestion of how and what they should improve in their businesses. The research will be focused on moviegoers who live in Bangkok, Thailand. The main topic which will be included in this research is the moviegoers’ behavior. The research will explore the factors that made moviegoers make decisions to go to watch movies in cinemas, or to stay and watch movies at home. Quantitative research methodology was applied in this research by using a questionnaire survey to collect data from moviegoers. The survey has been sent to the targeted group, people who watch movies at every age; via Facebook, Twitter, LINE, and Google Hangouts. The result revealed that Time, Type of cinema, New release movies, Movie review are the main factors that affected the way moviegoers decide where to watch movies. Other factors that also affected the way they decide are Transport, Cost, Friends and Family.-
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dc.titleA study of how the cinema business survive when facing a storm of streaming movie channels.-
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