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eperson.contributor.advisorPeter De Mayer-
dc.contributor.authorPhyo Wai Lwin-
dc.identifierTP HRM.001 2017-
dc.description.abstractThis study aims to examine the impact of knowledge management on organizational performance specifically in the context of PTT. Survey questionnaires are distributed to Top & middle level management employees and analyze the impact of strategy, KM infrastructure and KM process that foster formulating and implementing of effective KM to enhance organizational performance. Also, findings point out that the possible existing gaps in implementation process. Besides, this paper provides an understanding of enablers that involved greatly in implementing effective KM concept and suggested possible ways based on reflection of theoretical, previous research findings and present study analysis. The results show that two main factors namely knowledge conversion and application have positive significant relationship with organizational performance. As a whole, the result confirms the effect of strategy, KM infrastructure and KM process on performance improvement.-
dc.subjectLeadership and Human Resource Management-
dc.subjectKnowledge management-
dc.subjectOrganizational performance-
dc.titleThe impact of knowledge management on organizational performance (case study at PTT)-
dc.typeThematic Paper-
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