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dc.contributor.authorLaphol Boonthaweephat-
dc.identifierTP IM.005 2017-
dc.description.abstractThai public sector organizations have been trying to improve their efficiency for more than decades by implementing Risk Management and Knowledge Management into their operation. However, implemented them separately despite Risk Management uses Knowledge as a foundation of its processes, prevented them to optimize the benefit from the process. Therefore, this study’s objective was to explore how Knowledge Management effectiveness; Knowledge Quality contribute to Risk management efficiency? The study results indicated that Knowledge Quality; Timeliness, Accuracy and Relevancy contributed to Risk Management effectiveness and each Risk Management processes required different Knowledge Quality. To improve Risk Management effectiveness, Thai public sectors organizations must 1) ensured their structure supported the collaboration of Risk Management functions and Knowledge Management functions 2) ensured IT system was stable and accessible in timely manner and 3) monitored process to ensure knowledge was updated, accurate and relevant to Risk Management processes requirement.-
dc.subjectInnovation in Management-
dc.subjectKnowledge management-
dc.subjectRisk management-
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dc.titleThe effect of knowledge quality tribute on risk management effectiveness in Thai public sector context.-
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