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eperson.contributor.advisorRoy Kouwenberg-
dc.contributor.authorAorranee Jongvisan-
dc.identifierTP MM.063 2017-
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this research aims to find factors that influencing Thai consumer behavior toward hotel reservation via online channel. The scope of this research is to identify and understand the factors that influence the making decision to choose online channel to book hotel reservation in Thailand. The data were collected by online questionnaire. The sample size is 100 respondents who have booked any hotel reservation in the last 6 months. Findings from the research showed that from 4 factors that would influence consumer behavior toward online hotel reservation, there are 2 main factors that would influences the consumer behavior which are valuable and ease of use. For the valuable, respondents are more focus with the price that would value their money, and for the ease of use, respondents tend to focus with the convenience and easy to use. Therefore, the future research should focus on collecting data from different age and observing other factors in order to understand more with consumer behavior toward online hotel reservation in Thailand.-
dc.subjectMarketing and Management-
dc.subjectOnline channel-
dc.subjectHotel reservation-
dc.titleThe factors influence consumer behavior towards online hotel reservations in Thailand.-
dc.typeThematic Paper-
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