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eperson.contributor.advisorPornkasem Kantamara-
dc.contributor.authorNantanat Cheevakittikul-
dc.identifierTP GM.009 2018-
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this research is to identify the main factors that influence employee job satisfaction among the management and key personnel in a food chemical industrial distributor. The company that the researcher studied is Thai Food and Chemical Co., Ltd. By identifying the main factors that influence employee job satisfaction, the researcher then used the data to analyze and find the practical recommendations for the future development plan to improve employee job satisfaction in the company. The researcher used qualitative approach for data collection by conducting semi-structure interviews with 19 participants. The interview questions were constructed based on Herzberg Two-Factor Theory. The participants were asked about the factors that they considered being the most important to their job satisfaction, dissatisfaction, motivation, and demotivation, and their opinions about each motivation factors. And then, they were also asked to rank each motivation factor from the most important to the least important. The result suggested that the most important factors for the participants’ job satisfaction are work itself, relationship with co-workers, company policy and administration, and salary-
dc.subjectGeneral Management-
dc.subjectJob satisfaction-
dc.subjectIndustrial distributor-
dc.titleA study of job satisfaction in a food chemical industrial distributor.-
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