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eperson.contributor.advisorVichita Ractham-
dc.contributor.authorTodsaporn Wongnakarin-
dc.identifierTP MM.001 2019-
dc.description.abstractOrganic agriculture is the one that include in a national agenda item since year 2005. (Chinvarasopak, 2015) Their conversion rate and adoption are very critical toward decreasing of chemical consumption in Thailand. This paper is to describe a framework designed the fact knowledge in term of explicit and tacit knowledge to influence the changing behavior of farmers in growing organic agriculture products across group of them in different types of products which are vegetable, fruit, mixed vegetable and fruit and dairy & rice that reflect the result how they can develop their growing techniques to become success in organic farming through Sookjai Farmer’s market by Sampran Model, Sampran Riverside that engaging with local farmers in order to promoted organic agriculture.-
dc.subjectMarketing and Management-
dc.subjectKnowledge management-
dc.subjectKnowledge sharing-
dc.titleKnowledge management in organic farming adoption through Thai Sampran model.-
dc.typeThematic Paper-
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