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eperson.contributor.advisorAstrid Kainzbauer-
dc.contributor.authorThanaphat Phathakul-
dc.identifierTP GM.010 2019-
dc.description.abstractThis consulting internship paper aimed to study on Airbus Corporate Benchmarking as they need to changing their organization culture to be more friendly with digitalization so they have to find other company that had experienced with this issue to learn and exchange the idea and knowledge with those companies about their transformation. By adopted the framework of Culture Transformation. In this changing society where digitalization influence in every sector the business so they have to catching up the trend. Anyway, to changing the corporate culture is not easy to do and it takes time, so finding the best practice from the other and sharing with them is may the better path rather than keep trying everything on our own. There’re many books, many theories and many case studies to learn but in this research will focusing on Kotter’s eight steps change model. For Airbus Corporate Benchmarking to choosing the best practice for changing corporate culture they have process using Agile methodology to do that will guide them as a milestone in one project to reach their goal and by Kotter’s eight steps change model can fulfil and concrete their path to have healthy corporate culture within digitalization era.-
dc.subjectGeneral Management-
dc.subjectCorporate culture-
dc.subjectAgile methodology-
dc.titleAirbus corporate benchmarking culture change and transformation.-
dc.typeThematic Paper-
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