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eperson.contributor.advisorRoy Kouwenberg-
dc.contributor.authorXIAOMENG LI-
dc.identifierTP MM.020 2019-
dc.description.abstractThis paper is to find out the factors that influence Chinese people to choose private pre-schools for their children, and whether there are any differences in making decisions in different socio-demographic groups. The research is limited in the mainland of China and only focuses on early education. It includes children from 1.6 to 6 years old. This paper uses the quantitative method by conducting online questionnaires. The collected data is analyzed by using SPSS. It found that academic curriculum, location and security are the top three factors that Chinese people emphasize. Besides, people’ age and income are related to some schools’ attributes.-
dc.subjectMarketing and Management-
dc.subjectConsumer behavior-
dc.titleConsumer behavior on private pre-school selection in China.-
dc.typeThematic Paper-
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