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eperson.contributor.advisorRoy Kouwenberg-
dc.contributor.authorSojirat Cherdmanusathien-
dc.identifierTP MM.056 2019-
dc.description.abstractThis qualitative and quantitative case study investigates various perception of people who work in private higher education institution students’ private higher education institution and higher education institution choice decisions including intentions and reasons for enrolling in private higher education institution in Thailand. Future job opportunities, reputation of academic programs, availability in-demand programs and courses, and personal interests are five factors were extracted from the analysis. According to the current, highly competitive environment institutions are seeking to identify exactly what differentiates them from other institutions to attract students’ attention. The study’s findings will assist higher education institutions to develop strategies that attract students’ attention to maintain a student population.-
dc.subjectMarketing and Management-
dc.subjectHigher Education-
dc.subjectPrivate University-
dc.subjectPublic University-
dc.titleWhy private University is thriving in Japan but not Thailand?-
dc.typeThematic Paper-
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