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eperson.contributor.advisorAstrid Kainzbauer-
dc.contributor.authorNarawichaya Supaporn-
dc.identifierTP GM.009 2020-
dc.description.abstractThis paper is the study of Chinese firms’ challenges while entering the Thai market. This study also identifies Chinese firms’ motivation to invest in Thailand, their preparation, their challenges during the Thai market development, and their adjustment to the Thai market. In addition, the Chinese expatriates’ motivation to work in Thailand, their preparation, their challenges during their work in Thailand, and their adjustment to the Thai culture are identified as well while involving the opinion of the Thai business partners who are actually working together with those Chinese expatriates. Previous studies in the literature for the Chinese motivation and challenges are also reviewed. The qualitative research is used by conducting interviews with 6 Chinese expatriates who are living in Thailand and 4 Thai business partners who usually work with those Chinese expatriates. The study concluded that there are 3 challenges to the Chinese firms which are the political stability, trust, and-
dc.subjectGeneral Management-
dc.titleChallenges of doing business in Thailand for Chinese firms.-
dc.typeThematic Paper-
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