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eperson.contributor.advisorNathasit Gerdsri-
dc.contributor.authorOuppama Chu-Ongsakul-
dc.identifierTP GM.019 2020-
dc.description.abstractSmart farming is the concept of utilizing science and technology to apply in agriculture, which can improve the productivity and efficiency of the farm also reduce the cost. Most populations in Thailand involved with agriculture, which mostly runs the farm traditionally. Thai farmers rarely adopt the concept of smart farming. So this thematic paper studies the barriers that obstruct smart farming adoption and provide the recommendation to overcome those barriers This thematic paper analyses the key stakeholder involve with smart farming implementation then collect data from each group of key stakeholders by using the semi-structured interview to identify the barriers and provide the recommendation. This study reveals that the barriers that obstruct farmers on the implementation of smart farming are the capital investment concern and complexity of the smart farm system. So the proposed recommendations are to provide the farmer with special loan with specific detail requirement for implement the smart farming which include training and distribution the knowledge to other farmer and to design the smart farming system in the modular concept which expect to be easier to use and maintenance.-
dc.subjectGeneral Management-
dc.subjectSmart farm-
dc.subjectinnovation adoption-
dc.subjectagricultural technology-
dc.titleChallenges and opportunities of smart farming implementation.-
dc.typeThematic Paper-
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