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Title: The factors that influence consumer buying behavior towards to car C-segment in Bangkok.
Authors: Manatpong Sombutvorakul
Keywords: Marketing
Consumer behaviour
Issue Date: 8-May-2015
Publisher: มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล
Citation: 2014
Abstract: An automotive business industry in Thailand has shown significant growth over year by year. A car in c-segment has been successful in this business, most of the car brands in the world has a car in c-segment in their owns production line. It’s neccesorry to find out what is the factors that influence consumer buying bahavior towards to car in c-segment. Every car brand or dealers can be able to use this research results to adapt and improving their business to make all customers satisfy in their own brand and product for gain more awareness and sales. The results of the finding will be broken down into two topics; product and promotion. Most of consumer concerns in product design and quality of product and in term of promotion, a consumer always compare a promotion from brand to brand and find out which one is valuable for them. Maintaining a product and promotion are important for every car brand to stimulas new customer and existing consumer to re-purchase a car in their brand or in a car in c-segment. In conclusion, this research study will be benefits to all automotive companies by enhancing their understanding of consumer insights and using them to evaluate marketing and product strategies relating to car in c-segments. KEY WORDS: Consumer Behavior / Car / C-segment / Passenger car / Automotive
Other Identifiers: TP MM.064 2014
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