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Title: Four key factors that contribute Thai people to consume less sport nutrition products than people in developed countries.
Authors: Wuttichai Chauthai
Keywords: Entrepreneurship Management
Health conscious
Nutrition product
Issue Date: 25-Aug-2015
Publisher: มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล
Citation: 2015
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to understand Thai health conscious consumers, who live in Bangkok and actively exercise at fitness, towards purchasing and consuming behavior, which examined four key influencing factors including degree of consumer awareness, high price of products, difference in physical appearance preferences, and potential risk and side effects of sport nutrition products. This research uses qualitative approach with total of 30 respondents by interviewing at fitness centers located within Bangkok district. The respondents divided into 4 groups including 20-29,30-39,40-49, and 50 above. This study reveal that price of sport nutrition product have a strong association with customer buying decision. Moreover, degree of awareness towards sport nutrition products tends to have an issue with the consumers at the age 40 years old and above because the language barrier, and technological barrier. About physical appearance preferences, youngers tends to prioritize their sport nutrition product’s objective as their physical appearance.
Other Identifiers: TP EM.003 2015
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