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eperson.contributor.advisorPhannaphatr Savetpanuvong-
dc.contributor.authorSuphischa Tumthong-
dc.identifierTH MS.001 2018-
dc.description.abstractThis research study of driving factors in model plant for Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) in attaining Global Top Quartile Utility: A case study of North Bangkok Power Plant Combined Cycle unit 1. The objectives of the study was to study and find out the working system model concept of driving factors to elevate the performance standard in attaining Global Top Quartile Utility. The research methodology is Qualitative research with Snowball Sampling method, which only interview from five groups of interviewees from twenty-six officers in North Bangkok Power plant and other divisions in EGAT. The result is The Working System Model Concept of ten factors. Human and Enterprise Management Factors: The first priority is Strategy that communicate with the same goal. One driving on the leader, next driving on the culture between employee and coaching team working. Individual Positive thinking & willingness mindset and HRD&HRM are pulled in the process of selection employee and coaching team. Performance Factors: The first one is Reduced Gap of POF, UOF and UDF. Equipment of classification from RCM, planning and management, Corrective maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Proactive Maintenance, Replaced with the new components and use innovation tools are mainly tools to reduce the maintenance time. IT & KM database are pulled in the process of sharing information in CSR in process & After Process. Stakeholder and Sustainable Factors: EGATIF is a representative Financial Structure Model. Stakeholder are pulled in the process of monitoring of funding. Community are pulled in the process of CSR in process & After Process. Finally, the success result of all pushing driving force of Human and Enterprise Management Factors, Performance Factors and Stakeholder and Sustainable Factors.-
dc.subjectThesis -- College of management, Mahidol Universit-
dc.subjectDriving factors-
dc.subjectWorking system-
dc.titleA study of driving factors in model plant for electricity generating authority of Thailand (EGAT) in attaining global top quartile utility: A case study of north Bangkok power plant combined cycle unit1.-
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