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Title: The important of client relationship marketing practices in oil and gas industry.
Authors: Prangsiri Salubsee
Keywords: General Management
Client relationship
Issue Date: 26-May-2016
Publisher: มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล
Citation: 2015
Abstract: ABSTRACT This article aims to identify and examine the responsibilities of the sales representatives and customer service analysts in the oil and gas industry at different stages of the client relationship development process. A conceptual framework is proposed to analyse the single case study of this research. The relationship marketing practices of a global oil and gas firm were examined through twelve in-depth semi-structured interviews with key personnel. Seven client relationship marketing practices were identified. Whereas organising and attending social events, managing the communications or interactions process, managing the cross-selling, service recovery and other small little gestures are similar to the findings of Claycomb and Martin (2002), treating every client equally, and visiting customer were two practices that emerged from this study. Although the seven practices presented are essential in contributing to a successful client relationship, further research is needed to examine the effects of each practice and the quality of the client relationship. This article demonstrates that in order to succeed in the highly competitive marketplace, oil and gas firms need to understand not only the potential outcomes of each relationship marketing practice but also how to practice it systematically.
Other Identifiers: TP GM.031 2015
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