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Title: Knowledge management in it support department.
Authors: Suphannika Kamlungsanga
Keywords: Innovation in Management
Knowledge management
Issue Date: 27-Oct-2016
Publisher: มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล
Citation: 2016
Abstract: This article attempt to shares and examines the knowledge management of the IT support department in the company A. I would like to share my experience and appreciation where the knowledge management is impact to working process, services enhancement, employee’s satisfaction and customer satisfaction in IT department of the company that I am currently employed. I named the company in this case as company A, this is to avoid any security issue and to be honor to the company. Company A is an IT company where the products and services are related to technology aspects, which the main product is Global Distribution System (GDS) and the other IT application and platform. Being an IT company, after the products have been implemented or installed at clients’ side, the supporting from IT support department is quite significant and necessary, as most of the clients are not happy when the system is interrupt while they are running their business. In year 2012, the company faced many difficulties about the customer services in term of IT support. The management received a huge amount of customer complaint and unsatisfied on the services from the clients. The management then settled the meeting and found out the solution how to support the customers better and faster in timely manner for the IT support department. In consequence, the knowledge management is the effective and innovative tool that the department use to support their working process and services. Nevertheless, the implementation of the knowledge management system is not easy as there are several factors that the department have to consider. In this paper intention to describe some of the factors that influence the knowledge management implementation to be successful, including obstacles and difficulties that the IT support department confront with. It also states to what the stakeholders feel with the knowledge management, as well as good points, weak points and the benefits that the employees and the company will gain from this knowledge management in general and specific term.
Other Identifiers: TP IM.001 2016
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