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Title: Effect of implementation ISO 9001 standard in period of transferring power between generations in family business.
Authors: Jirawat Jungwat
Keywords: Entrepreneurship Management
Family business
ISO 9001
Issue Date: 18-Apr-2016
Publisher: มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล
Citation: 2015
Abstract: In Thailand more than 80 percent of company base on family business. Most of family business have problem to transfer power between generations and other research found most of family business cannot longer than 3rd generations. On another hand ISO 9001 standard can setup operation standard of company. Then we want to find out effect implement ISO 9001 in family business while transferring power between generations. We focus interviewee on manufacturing business in different stage whish are Certified, Implementing and Non-implement. We found ISO 9001 standard can support transferring power between generations. For certified company, they can learn process of company easily and can try to revise process. For implementing company, they can show a lot of capability to manage project with parent and staff to manage company and it will be good chance to use ISO 9001 to be tools for redesign company. Then we recommend business hire that while transferring implement ISO 9001 to support smoothly transfer, prove them self and support long term growth KEY WORDS: Family Business/ ISO 9001/ Benefit of ISO 9001/ Manufacturing Industry
Other Identifiers: TP EM.035 2015
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