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Title: Service quality and patient satisfaction on Thailand social security scheme in Kasemrad hospital Rattanatibeth.
Authors: Kantaporn Harnphanich
Keywords: Service quality
Healthcare and wellness management
Thailand social security scheme
Patient satisfaction
Issue Date: 20-Nov-2017
Publisher: มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล
Citation: 2017
Abstract: This study is aimed to investigate the differences in perception on 2 groups of respondents, which are top executives in one private hospital and patients in this hospital. On three factors, which are Thailand social security payment scheme, service quality, and patient satisfaction. Also, to get more understanding on issues, challenges and possible solution to address those challenges in Thailand Social Security Scheme from top executive’s point of views. Design/methodology – Qualitative research and quantitative research will be studied and researcher used 9 sets of questionnaire to gather the information top executive and 400 sets of questionnaire form patients. Findings - Qualitative research - The results suggest that main challenges in Thailand Social Security Scheme are Communication problem, Late payment and not fully paid to private hospital, Claiming process, Patient complaint process and Payment mechanism is too low. - Quantitative research - The results suggest that there is a relationship on capitation payment, Payment for risk-adjusted capitation and Payment for utilization incentives in social security scheme toward Responsiveness dimension in SERVQUAL model and five out of five factors from SERVQUAL have significant relationships with patient satisfaction. Therefore, Service quality of doctor and laboratory will be improved by increasing capitation payment, utilization incentive and risk-adjusted payment and focusing on five factors from SERVQUAL will help to improve patient satisfaction. Research limitations – This study is conducted in a very specific group of people, in which the result of this study might be different in other groups of people.
Other Identifiers: TP HWM.008 2017
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