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Title: Innovative recruitment in the digital ages and it's impact on quality of hiring and talent acquisition.
Authors: Siwimol Sukmahan
Keywords: Leadership and Human Resource Management
Innovation recruiting
Issue Date: 16-May-2017
Publisher: มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล
Citation: 2016
Abstract: Innovative recruiting becomes the key business strategy for successes. Companies are now not just interested in how many people they hire; they want to understand the quality of their hires as well as obviously looking for the high quality of candidate in results of most effective recruiting process. Therefore, the purposes of this study are to investigate the innovative recruiting process, methodology, and practices then analyse the influence of these innovations to the success of organization in quality of hiring & talent acquisitions. The target population is made up of 8 experienced recruiters from well-known recruitment agencies having work for MNCs in Thailand for more than seven years. The research utilizes the qualitative approach using the in-depth interview for collecting the data. This study revealed that mixed framework between traditional & innovative recruiting is the most significant approach accepted by all respondents. The applicable innovative recruiting process and methodology are including Extensive Data based, E-Recruiting, Social Media, Professional Networking and Psychometric Test while Fit-well analysis, Passive-candidate Approach, Employer Branding and Career Consultant are the new strategies using in the innovative recruiting. These innovation help to reduce cost & minimize time to hire which directly enhance the quality of hiring and success of talent acquisition.
Other Identifiers: TP HRM.003 2016
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