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Title: Seniority culture: global company in Thailand.
Authors: Kununya Prasartkarnkar
Keywords: Marketing and Management
Thai culture
Seniority culture
working culture
Issue Date: 17-Dec-2018
Publisher: มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล
Citation: 2018
Abstract: Thailand has a sophisticated historic background and traditions that deeply influence people, at the same time, educational background has a big influence as well. Even though international companies came from western countries and there are regional teams from around the world visiting Thailand branch, companies and foreign visitors may need to consider adapting themselves to Thai seniority. It is very important to understand how the seniority culture in Thailand impacts international companies in order to align the behavior and culture accordingly. So, this research will address the influences of Thai seniority culture on work environment in an international company? The result revealed that the advantages can be benefited when juniors greet or start a conversation with seniors. But seniority culture can create more distance between juniors and seniors when seniors try to use their power, such as giving feedback, award and promotion. Seniority could plays an important role and influence seniors to favour personal preferences, which could have negative impact on people who think it is unfair. This situation does not only create difficulties in workplace but also makes business develop slower. Workplace environment will be able to improve when all people in the organization support each other and have open-communication that can professionally overcome the disadvantages of seniority culture in international workplace.
Other Identifiers: TP MM.025 2018
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