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Title: How job characteristics and leadership style affect turnover intention of the employees in the garment manufacturer in Thailand.
Authors: Natnarin Thammatiwat
Keywords: General Management
Turnover intention
Job characteristic
Issue Date: 24-Jun-2019
Publisher: มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล
Citation: 2019
Abstract: Employee turnover intention is one of the critical problems to be concerned with for this organization. People start to think about leaving their job or looking for a new one that will satisfy them. The intention to leave can be triggered when people feel demotivated and dissatisfied in different aspects of their job. One of these causes could be from job characteristics that people who have a low level of expertise cannot explore their job opportunities. This makes them realize their work might not be meaningful or have the responsibility and truthful knowledge to have a better outcome. Another cause could be from the leadership style that management persons use at the company and how they treat the employees using these tactics. The objective of the research is to determine how the job characteristics and leadership style affect turnover intention. This study used qualitative methods with semi-structured interviews with 11 respondents who are the employees in a garment manufacturer in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. The data analysis that this study used is the coding technique. The results reveal that the employees are not allowed to have the autonomy to undertake their job freely. They are lacking the variety of skills they need to do the job better because of less work experience, lack of training and follow-ups by management. People are always concerned about how the boss will react due to getting discouraging negative feedback. The supervisor is a transactional leader who keeps the focus on controlling, directing, and micromanaging employees to achieve the task assigned. Therefore, employees are put under pressure and stress which leads them to thinking and maybe put into action the intention of departing the organization.
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