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Title: How do successful people plan and achieve their life goals?
Authors: Chatthip Sorin
Keywords: Marketing
Successful people
Life goal
Issue Date: 6-Nov-2020
Publisher: มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล
Citation: 2020
Abstract: With my all-time curiosity on how could successful people achieve their life goals, success is one of a lifetime’s highest life achievement but not everyone could reach in their life time. One of the respondents also reconfirmed that there is no such thing called certain success factor for everyone. We individually would need to pursuit and find ourselves in different particular life situations. Therefore, this study mainly aimed to answer the typical question “How successful people plan and achieve their life goals?” Furthermore, respectively the study was expected to define the common success factor(s) to achieve their goals as well as sharing their thoughts getting through difficult times. The paper also studied to define any important relationship between Success and Happiness. The researcher has applied qualitative research method including of respondents’ current life assessments and in-depth interviews. There are many interesting study results from respondent’s point of views. First of all, they all consider success from their Work lives. Marital status deeply further classified important rankings in life, still be Work for married people while single respondents gave more important rank on Play and Health. Referring to the interview, in section of Life planning, three out of four respondents mentioned to visualize life planning in minds. Moreover, all of them have at least one short term with a regular review from time to time. For Powerful success factors, could be grouped into two sources. There are Internal positive mindsets and externals sources, for instance, good support from family, friends and business partners. Moreover, happiness could be defined as a self-created and self-found by ourselves. In conclusion, to achieve in any goals, recommendations from this thematic paper are as followed. First of all, we all should have started by having at least one short term goal, followed by a very strong desire to success, keep focusing on the set goal with a regular review. There is a list of clearly common positive mindsets for achieving the set goal(s) for example of being curious, being a positive thinker, having self-awareness, open-mindedness, and good interpersonal skills.
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