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Title: Leading an organization through change: exploring the change management experience of leaders and employees in a high-tech consuling business.
Authors: Aganit Choolam
Keywords: Leadership and Human Resource Management
Change management
Issue Date: 17-Dec-2020
Publisher: มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล
Citation: 2563
Abstract: In respond to rapid change of technology disruption and customer satisfaction, most organization have adapted and developed themselves with a view to fostering and coping with the change circumstances as well as enhancing business operational appropriation. In connection herewith, this qualitative study aimed to explore organizational executives who assigned to working and managing upon the company’s transformation and changes. Further, to study comparison regarding characteristic effectiveness of organizational transformation, particularly transformational and transactional leadership in which causing influence or different in unfreezing stage of the high-tech consultancy organization. The interview participants comprised two (2) of top executives, one (1) senior manager and six (6) of entry-level staffs from across various of function and departments, of which totaling nine (9) persons. In brief summary of the study result, I profoundly found that most top management and middle level having similar perspective regarding why the organization shall be ready for change. Whereas, at in the lower level, the level understanding of the change objectives and staff engagement in relation thereto transformation are relatively variably depending on direct line supervisors’ behavior and leadership style. As a result, the level of understanding of employees under transactional leadership is comparatively less against to those staffs under supervision of transformational leadership. In addition to literature review and research mythology, the study results provide evidence that depending on stage of change, the organization should place an emphasis on leadership characteristics varieties. These different leadership characteristics affected in term of business excellency and effectiveness therein processes of transformation management.
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