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Title: Business plan development: Value-added products and services.
Authors: Nathapol Udomsinvatana
Keywords: General Management
Business Model Canvas
Issue Date: 18-Dec-2020
Publisher: มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล
Citation: 2020
Abstract: At present, O.H.K Trading Ltd. faced the problems on the existing defective product and scrap from the cutting process that uses most of warehouse space which affects the work flow inside the factory. As I am one of the Top Management of the company, I would like to do something about this issue. So, I start to question what is the common reason that inspired the business to do something new from their existing goods. This will increase its own value and provide opportunity to the company. To do this value-added, the study used a business model canvas as a tool for analysis in each segment. Also, find the reason that may affect the business focus on several topics. This would be identifying the common current situation of the company. With all the questions, qualitative research was used for the collection process to investigate an issue in depth, discover how individuals think and feel about the specific topic. After the interviewing process, the results were analyzed according to the study objective from 10 interviewees with different business sectors. In conclusion, the finding showed that there are 4 main reasons for the company to implement value-added which are benefit, market trend, cost and customer request. Based on the study, there are no common factors that influence the focus of business model canvas segments. The study also found out the top 5 segments that companies usually focus on their business during implementing value-added based business model canvas which are key resource, revenue structure, customer segment, customer relationship and value proposition. These results can provide all the business to prepare themself if they would like to implement value-added based on the business model canvas.
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