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Authors: Radchadaporn Thukjeen
Keywords: Leadership and Human Resource Management
Employee engagement
Employee satisfaction
Maslow’s Hierarchy
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2021
Publisher: มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล
Citation: 2020
Abstract: Nowadays, it is undeniable that employee engagement matter has become a top priority in every company. The organization which there is high engagement level has high performance and sustainable growth because people are engaged with the company and can contribute dedicatedly. Thus, management team must pay attention to this topic in order to drive company performance successfully. This research aims to share the analysis process of employee engagement within an organization. I selected ABC company; the international chemical manufacturing as a case study to find out root causes of disengagement and key drivers in order to increase employee engagement level. Moreover, I have proposed how to improve engagement level in long-term which I hope it would be useful to any organization. The methodology is qualitative research by interviewing three employee engagement specialists of ABC because they can share insight knowledge and information. So, I can collect all data for doing in-depth analysis. Furthermore, I have demonstrated linkages between leadership theories, organization change with employee engagement as well as differentiate employee satisfaction and employee engagement terms. Based on the results, root causes of ABC disengagement are misunderstanding regarding employee engagement and employee satisfaction, lacking of leadership, engagement activities are not reflected to Four Intrinsic Rewards and people in the organization do not realize the importance of employee engagement. Therefore, I have recommended 6 steps to build engagement culture by Rice, Marlow and Masarech (2012) and Change Adopter Types by Rogers (2003) theories to boost up engagement level in the organization sustainably.
Other Identifiers: TP HRM.007 2020
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