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Title: Changing in Thai elderly's behavior in food consumption in the 21st century: challenging in food business for elderly.
Authors: Onjira Tienggad
Keywords: General Management
Food behaviour
Issue Date: 9-Mar-2021
Publisher: มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล
Citation: 2020
Abstract: The consequence of increasing of Thai elderly and the trend of health consciousness associated to the relevant industries that service the elderly such as the Food and Hospitality sector, and Healthcare and Wellness sector would adjust and adapt the business to provide the best benefit and profit to the elderly. Therefore, to understand the intense behaviour and the perspective of food consumption among the present elderly in Thailand lead this research to study more of the factors that consequence to change in food consumption and health awareness of older people in Thailand, the trend of consumer behaviour due to health conscious and nutritious of Thai elderly including forecasting the business opportunity in innovative food business toward the senior market for Thai startup and entrepreneur by studying from existing product in market. This research applied both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The questionnaires were collected from 112 participant. Also interviewed 25 elderly people, who live in Bangkok, Ratchaburi and Nakhonpathom. From studying this research, it shows attitude and belief, health condition and convenience determinants were indicated as the main determinants that influence the elderly’s food behaviour the most. In terms of the trend of food consumption among the elderly, the supplement food as the form of herbal products was accepted such as fruits and vegetables for the main healthy food sources. Moreover, strong perspectives of cooking at home were indicated in the trend of their food behaviour. In order to forecast the opportunity for food business, the research revealed the relevant fields which are the agriculture sector to develop new forms of product based on vegetables and fruits, the entrepreneurs to provide food shop mobility and the manufacturer of spice and powder to produce more food ingredients for cooking. This understanding of the factor that impacts the change in food consumption among Thai elderly could be the potential strength to all relevant business sectors regarding the extension and improvement.
Other Identifiers: TP GM.032 2020
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