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Title: Effect of Situational Factors on Impulse Buying to Satisfaction in Online Shopping for Branded Clothing.
Authors: Phumitanon, Jidapa
Keywords: Marketing and Management
Impulse Buying
Online Shopping
Branded Clothing
Issue Date: 24-Mar-2021
Publisher: Mahidol University
Abstract: Although many researchers have studied the impulse buying behavior, most of the work was done in an offline setting. This study hence is aimed to explore the factors affecting the impulse buying behavior of online shoppers as well as those factors that affect their satisfaction. Furthermore, the differences among various demographic groups on each variable, including, gender, age, income, shopping bill per a time, and frequently visited shopping website/platform will also be identified. In order to obtain the results, this study uses the quantitative research method. The population sample is Thai people age above 20 years, who shop fast fashion branded clothing online at least once in the last three months. The finding shows that there are four variables affecting the satisfaction of online shoppers, in a descending order, convenience, perceived ease of use, website aesthetics, and perceived risks. In addition, three significant factors that stimulate impulse buying include convenience, perceived ease of use, and website aesthetics. Lastly, for gender, male has a higher mean than female in all of the variables except for the perceived risks. For age, income, and shopping bill group, the results are somewhat similar. There are few significant differences in variables including perceived risks, satisfaction, convenience, as well as impulse buying. For the frequently visited shopping website/platform, there are no significant differences in any of the variables.
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