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Title: A Study of Competitiveness of AP Frenchies in Bogotá Market
Authors: Thanika, Thongsunti
Keywords: General Management
Customer behavior
French start-up
Event Industry
Issue Date: 7-May-2021
Publisher: Mahidol University
Abstract: As a French start-up planning to invest in a competitively foreign market, AP Frenchies is facing challenges from not only macro environmental factors but also its own plans and operational management, especially in branding and effective strategies. Thus, the lack of understanding about market insight and strategic marketing thinking is a burden for AP Frenchies to have the correct approach move into Bogota market - a super dynamic and fast-growing market in the event industry and be visible for its new potential customers. As a result, AP Frenchies lacks the “insight” needed to let them enter Colombian markets successfully, to design its services and campaigns effectively, and to manage the sustainability of its business as efficiently as possible. Through consultancy with AP Frenchies, qualitative research, focus group interviews with experts in the industry, this study addresses the competitive advantages of the company and recommends the potential method for AP Frenchies’ sustainable success.
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