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Title: How leaders manage their team members during the Covid19 crisis.
Authors: Varisa, Kamthornthip
Keywords: Entrepreneurship Management
Team members
Issue Date: 11-Sep-2021
Publisher: Mahidol University
Abstract: This study investigates the management style of leaders that they apply during the Covid19 crisis, which focuses on transformational leadership and emotional intelligence skills. There are many advantages to integrating two models based on gathering information from primary and secondary data, such as increasing team members' performance, increasing organization commitment, etc. Besides, qualitative research is conducted to answer the research questions and using an in-depth interview with ten managers in one entertainment company. All of the managers are working in the sales department, and have experience over the four years. After researching, it can be concluded that each of the managers has various aspects in management style and emotional intelligence skills based on their character and working experience. The final results show that managers aim to increase team members' capability and capacity to make the company go through a crisis, although they have a different style to mana
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