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Title: The customer's consideration to purchase Chicken Breast Smoothie among fitness and health-conscious people
Authors: Peerayoth, Sirikhajornnam
Keywords: General Management
Chicken breast smoothie
Protein supplement
Health-conscious people
Exercised person
Issue Date: 11-Sep-2021
Publisher: Mahidol University
Abstract: Protein supplements are famous among health-conscious and exercise persons to gain sufficient protein intake per daily consumption. The chicken breast smoothie products are available to the market and offer protein supplements made from natural food transformed into ready-to-drink beverages. The market for chicken breast smoothie is growing in recent years, and several brands emerge in the market as an opportunity in the protein supplement product category. Customer behavior is the critical consideration using the purchasing decision process and customer's purchase intention. The qualitative methodology was conducted with the in-depth interview to the respondent's group as regularly exercised persons for both chicken breast smoothie consumers and non-chicken breast smoothie consumers. The study primarily focuses on the factors that affect customer's consideration during the customer purchase decision process and purchase intention to determine the insightful information. The studied factors are availability, convenience, palatability, price, perceived quality, and packaging. In summary, these factors affect the customer's consideration of purchasing a chicken breast smoothie with the rationale regarding each factor explained in detail at the end.
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