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Authors: Monthita, Urairoj
Keywords: General Management
Cross-cultural differences
Issue Date: 11-Sep-2021
Publisher: Mahidol University
Abstract: This research aims to study the differences between two cultures Japanese and Thai which lead to a miscommunication among employees in a workplace. In addition, to learn the ways that they use to solve the miscommunication problems when they are working. The interview has been developed to complete the research by using an open-ended interview questions on the different communication of both sides, the causes of miscommunication and the ways to improve problems in a company. At the end of the research, the result shows the five challenges in a miscommunication between Japanese and Thai are 1. Language barrier, 2. The channel of communication, 3. On time working styles, 4. Mutual understanding of personality and individual behavior, and 5. The communicators’ abilities. Another is that to create a better communication in a cross-cultural workplace, they can do 1. Learning different languages, 2. Developing opportunities for discussion, and 3. Participating a longer period to a host country. The recommendations to the company which can support staff to have a better understanding when working in a cross-cultural firm and to help improve and prevent a miscommunication are 1. Developing awareness about cultural differences, 2. Developing a sense of personality differences, 3. Conducting ice-breaking activities in a company and 4. Consistent developing skill and knowledge in the career.
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