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Authors: Thicharat Paopongchuang
Keywords: General Management
Customer Satisfaction
Employee Satisfaction
Issue Date: 18-Dec-2021
Publisher: Mahidol University
Abstract: There have been an estimated 1.667 million COVID-19 cases in Thailand, with a total of 17,305 cumulative deaths (World Health Organization, 2021b). This crisis requires an effective leadership skill to solve. This situation is severely affecting organisational performance. The study aimed to identify an effective leadership style for managing company performance in Covid-19 pandemic. It also aimed to examine a difference in preference of leadership style between male and female employees. The data were collected from 100 employees who work in only large size companies that employ 250 employees or above. Only survey with five-point Likert scale was used as a data collection instrument. The data were analysed using multiple regression and independent sample t-test tools. The results showed that only autocratic leadership style have a significant effect on company performance, which was measured through customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. In contrast, it was found that democratic and laissez-faire leadership styles did not have any effect on company performance. The study also found that male employees prefer a leader who gives clear direction like an autocratic leadership style, while female employees prefer less strict rules like laissez-faire leadership style. The results suggested that Thai managers should focus on an autocratic leadership style in crisis conditions. The findings also support the use of situational leadership, where leaders adapt their leadership styles and practices to cope with different situations.
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