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Authors: Pattiya, Shinpiriya
Keywords: General Management
Employee Retention
Employee Satisfaction
Job Characteristic
Issue Date: 1-May-2022
Publisher: Mahidol University
Abstract: In this study, the differences between current and former employees are investigated regarding their satisfaction and rationale for resignation. The relevant factors are identified by the employee satisfaction, job characteristic, and other factors to prioritize and address the issues. The previous study in literature reviews is limited to a public listed company and still lacks information on the small business context. This research will investigate the hygiene/motivation variables as well as job characteristics that have a substantial impact on employee retention. With this, the qualitative research is required to understand the employees and context through ten interviewees. Prioritizing satisfaction criteria changes throughout time as a result of context and personal necessity, according to an in-depth interview. Employees will be more attracted to job autonomy and skill variation, according to the results of the interviews. The task significance, job advancement, and job achievement will be most influencing factors in strengthening the long-term commitment and pulling employees to retain in the company. Self-improvement, relationships, and personal necessity will be considered as major motivators for employees to resign at this time. As a result, because there is no human resource department in this organization, the recommendation to boost employee retention will be to reinvent human resource management and development to fit with the demands of the employees.
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