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Title: Key factors influencing people to buy cosmetics product in China
Authors: Gao Hui
Keywords: Marketing and Management
Purchase intention
Brand loyalty
Word of mouth
Issue Date: 4-Sep-2022
Publisher: Mahidol University
Abstract: With the continuous development of the economy, people's pursuit of life is not limited to material. People have begun to slowly meet their spiritual needs and their own needs for beauty. For Chinese people, beauty is divided into internal beauty and external beauty. For internal beauty, it depends on people's knowledge, and for external beauty, it depends on clothes. Cosmetics happen to be one of the most intuitive expressions of external beauty. In China, more and more people have begun to use different cosmetics, and cosmetics have gradually occupied a large part of people's daily consumption of consumer products. This article collected data from 25 participants who used cosmetics in China. The article conducted in-depth interviews on their willingness to buy cosmetics, the channels to buy cosmetics, the influence of the affected people, the brand loyalty of cosmetics and their views on cosmetics word-of-mouth. This article shows the results of in-depth interviews and analysis, showing the key factors that affect people's purchase of cosmetics in China.
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