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Title: Factors influencing consumer preference in choosing bubble tea in Bangkok, Thailand
Authors: Onpravee, Oumpranee
Keywords: Marketing and Management
product quality
location convenient
variety of menu
service quality
word of mouth
Issue Date: 18-Dec-2022
Publisher: Mahidol University
Abstract: This study has developed to study factors influencing consumers’ preference in choosing bubble tea in Bangkok, Thailand. To aim to explore the impact of the new normal situation after COVID-19 nowadays that might create an impact on the factors behind the reason why consumers choose to consume bubble tea in Bangkok, Thailand. It would generate some in-depth data to understand the bubble tea market and customer target in Bangkok. In order to study the factors influencing consumer preference, this study conducted a questionnaire survey to study all of these factors. This questionnaire survey is used as the data collection method with screening questions, general questions, specific questions, and demographic questions of the respondents. After collecting the results from the online questionnaire, the responses obtained in the online survey phase were utilized for further quantitative analysis with the implementation of SPSS Statistics software to draw T-Test, ANOVA, and factor analysis.
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