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Title: The Influence of Transformational Leadership During Covid-19
Authors: Ukrit, Suwan
Keywords: General Management
Transformational leadership
Issue Date: 29-Apr-2023
Publisher: Mahidol University
Abstract: This research aims to investigate the role of transformational leadership in empowering individuals and organizations to adapt to the new reality and thrive during the crisis. The paper examines the theoretical framework of transformational leadership and its essential components such as idealized influence, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation, and individualized consideration. The research methodology for this paper is a qualitative method. The data is gathered through interviews with leaders and employees from various organizations. The findings suggest that transformational leadership has a vital role in empowering and motivating individuals to embrace change, develop resilience, and innovate in the face of uncertainty. This paper provides insights into the importance of transformational leadership during the pandemic and highlights the potential benefits of transformational leadership for individuals and organizations. It concludes with recommendations for leaders to cultivate transformational leadership practices.
Description: 31 leaves
ISSN: TP GM.002 2023
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