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Title: Online trend for shopping behavior and marketing mechanic in Thailand's fashion clothing industry
Authors: Kanokkorn Chuprapawan
Keywords: Entrepreneurship Management
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Mahidol University
Abstract: This study aims to explore the online shopping behavior of Thai consumers in the fashion clothing industry and the effectiveness of various marketing mechanics in increasing online sales. The study was conducted through in-depth interviews using qualitative method with 30 Thai consumers who frequently shop for clothing online. Motivated by the need to gain insights into this rapidly evolving landscape, this paper aims to identify the factors that influence online shopping behavior and understand the marketing mechanics that can increase online sales in the fashion clothing industry in Thailand. Specifically, this study seeks to achieve the following research objectives: The three objectives of the study are to identify factors influencing online shopping behavior, understand marketing mechanics for increasing online sales, and determine the effectiveness of different marketing strategies in the fashion clothing industry in Thailand. The findings reveal that convenience, price, and quality are the top factors considered by Thai consumers when making online purchases. In terms of marketing advertising and promotion discount, found to be highly effective in driving online sales, followed by design of social media and platform. However, user-generated content is found to be the least important factor. These findings provide valuable insights for fashion clothing companies in Thailand to better understand the behavior and preferences of online consumers and to develop more effective marketing strategies to increase online sales.
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