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Title: Key factors influencing the international paiient satisfaction within the context of medical tourism in private hospitals, Thailand
Authors: Ohn Mar
Keywords: Healthcare and Wellness Management
Medical Tourism
Patient Satisfaction
Service Quality
Medical Costs
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Mahidol University
Abstract: As increasing numbers of people go overseas for medical care, medical tourism has become an expanding section of the tourism industry. Thailand also has a significant growth potential in the medical tourism business, although Asian countries being among the top destinations for medical tourists due to the availability of low-cost healthcare and high-quality services. The objectives of this investigation are to assess the level of foreign patients' satisfaction with medical travel to Thailand's private hospitals and to identify the factors which influence that satisfaction. The scope of this study covers Myanmar medical tourists who visit Thailand's private hospitals. In this study, a quantitative research design has been used and the data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlation and multiple regressions. The study found that medical tourists from Myanmar are very satisfied with their experiences in Thailand. Additionally, the results of the analysis of multiple linear regressions revealed that patient satisfaction was significantly and positively influenced by service quality and country image. By providing a detailed understanding of the factors and relationships that influence the satisfaction of Myanmar medical tourists in Thailand, this study contributed to the knowledge for better management of private hospitals.
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