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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-05-24Key factors influencing interest of Thai people in sport industry.Jesatas Kooptipongkul
2017-01-12Key factors influencing live performing arts consumption: A study to develop marketing communication for the theatrical business.Wisarut Chuaypetch
2022-09-04Key factors influencing people to buy cosmetics product in ChinaGao Hui
2020-09-21Key factors influencing Thai consumers on their purchasing decision of online courses.Duke Leepipatnavit
2016-05-26Key factors influencing Thai customers in purchasing gold ornament through online channel.Saowalak Premkat
2015-01-20Key factors influencing Thai customers purchasing behavior toward purchasing behavior in gold ornament.Navarwan Chaisuriyathavikun
2023Key factors influencing the international paiient satisfaction within the context of medical tourism in private hospitals, ThailandOhn Mar
2021-03-10Key factors influencing the non-married, middle class, generation Y workers in Bangkok area to consider living in residential home after their retirement.Piracha Silpsrikul
2015-10-06Key factors influencing the people to consume Thai spa & massage in Thailand.Sumitra Chumchuen
2016-05-26Key factors that cause poor performance of hotel employees.Pimploy Pluangmonthin
2020-09-22Key factors that cause the delay and loss of work in construction business.Jirapa Parpongpun
2020-06-10Key factors that drive consumers' intention to buy shampoo in Thailand.Titinan Nimsiriwangso
2023The Key Factors That Drive Growth In A Small Law Firm In Bangkok: A Case Study of IAS Advisory Co., Ltd.Paphawarin Saipattana
2016-03-24Key factors that effect employee motivation and satisfaction in tech startup company (case study of IBG company).Saroot Udomkarn
2019-02-18Key factors that influence consumer behavior in Thai online fashion stores.Nampeth Ginda
2017-06-30Key factors that influence purchasing intention of hybrid vehicle in Thailand (Bangkok and boundary area)Teerawat Chokratanapong
2021-03-10Key factors to leave the professional of nurses in Thailand.Tipruethai Kwakong
2015-08-25Key influential factors on consumer's post-purchasing decision and satisfaction in Bangkok dogs' boarding kennels (hotel) and swimming pool business.Nardwadee Watanakij
2017-11-22Key influential factors on purchasing through credit card under the stimulation of rewards programs.Kankamon Buaban
2015-12-20Key Knowledge sharing factors that affect team performance in the it field.Nataphan Punnachaiya